Venley Tire Forklift Tires

Leading Total Solution Provider For Industrial Solid Tires

VENLEY Tire is one of the early pioneers of industrial solid tire development in the China industrial tire aftermarket, and a leading industrial tire dealer with extensive sales network all over China.

With over 12 years of rich experience in the industry, VENLEY Tire has been invited to consult with well-known global brands in their solid tire development work in China.

Therefore, we understand very well the needs of the industry from both the factory and end-user perspectives.

Venley Advantage


It is a fact that no single factory produces the entire range of solid tire sizes. Using our considerable experience over the years, we have selected a few key factories to partner with. This saves you the time and effort to navigate the different tire factories on your own.


Our suppliers are well qualified and already supplying to our domestic clients. Therefore you can be assured that the products are well tested. Given our existing supply agreements with these factories, we have access to competitive pricing.


Therefore, you can mix and match tires from different product categories to fit your needs. You can access the entire family of products all at once, and conveniently consolidate them in one place. An MOQ may apply for some sizes.


All tires are delivered to our Shanghai warehouse for pre-shipment inspection. We take extra care to make sure the tires have no visual defects and are exactly what you have ordered.